Eagle Fire Lodge & Cabins


Welcome to The Eagle Fire Lodge & Cabins
For Colorado Springs cabin rentals and lodging, consider The Eagle Fire Lodge & Cabins for your next Rocky Mountain getaway. The Eagle Fire Lodge & Cains in Woodland Park, CO, 20 minutes from downtown Colorado Springs, Colorado.  The Eagle Fire Lodge & Cabins were created to meet the growing demand for a lodging experience that took the convenience of a motel or hotel and married it with the ambiance of a bed and breakfast. With a total of 17 rooms, each guest is assured the personal service that causes any type of a stay to feel like a vacation.
The Eagle Fire Lodge & Cabins in Woodland Park, CO have five stand-alone mountain cabins with small kitchens, four guest rooms, two fully furnished mini suites, four fully furnished 2-bedroom condo-style suites, and two new mountain chic luxury suites. In addition to the sleeping arrangements available, we have a multi-use meeting and conference building that can accommodate your business meetings, weddings, or anything in between.